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Menu Information

Menus at our school are subject to change due to delivery.

The school lunch program operates under the guidelines handed down by the federal government. Students are offered breakfast and lunch.  We have what is known as a modified "self-serve" cafeteria.  This means that workers serve the hot portion of the meal to students.  Students then complete filling their trays from the self serve portion of the serving line. Salad meals will not be offered this school year.

Each meal includes low fat and fat free flavored and unflavored milk as well as fresh, frozen, dried or canned fruit. 100% fruit juice is offered on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

Serving times are:     Breakfast  7:00 - 7:30 a.m. - breakfast is served in the classrooms                    

                                 Lunch 10:45  - 1:00                                                                                           

Prices are as follows:

                                                             Breakfast                                 Lunch 

Student                                                  FREE                                      FREE                          

Staff                                                       1.75.                                        3.25

Adults or Guest                                      1.75                                         3.75

Child Visitor                                            1.75                                         2.25

Milk (A La Carte)                                      .30                                           .30

Holiday Meals                                                                    Adult   $5.00     Child Visitor   $3.75

Our cafeteria manager is Billie Reaves. We have several students who have peanut allergies. As you know this is a dangerous problem. You are asked not to send peanuts, peanut butter, or products made with peanuts.  On a final note, fast food containers are not allowed in the cafeteria. This is a regulation of the federally funded Child Nutrition Program. The school could be fined for violating this rule.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Lunch Menu